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Quotes I was first referred to Rose by my midwife following an anxious time during pregnancy. At first I was a little unsure as I had never had any prior exposure to acupuncture. It was not long before I was a complete convert. Rose has now seen me through one difficult pregnancy (made so much more manageable through regular acupuncture) and one subsequent dream pregnancy and full term delivery. Rose is incredibly knowledgeable and professional with a caring and calm manner. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending her to others. Quotes

Quotes After 2 years of trying to conceive, IVF seemed like the only option I had left. A friend recommended I try acupuncture during the IVF treatment & gave me Rose's details. I was a little unsure about using alternative therapies but once I met Rose I felt that it would be positive thing for me to do so I started weekly sessions while I waited for IVF to start. I was encouraged that Rose had practised for a no. of years as a midwife & has an excellent understanding of conventional medicine relating to fertility & pregnancy. Surprisingly I became pregnant before I started IVF & continued weekly acupuncture treatments during the first trimester. This was the most fragile time for me emotionally - I appreciated the time Rose allowed for me to talk & see how I was feeling. After each session I felt at ease and more confident. I now have the most beautiful baby boy & find it difficult to express the overwhelming joy I feel to hold him. Rose provides a highly professional service, Quotes

Quotes I began seeing Rose nearly five years ago when I was in the late stages of pregnancy with my first baby (my little girl was transverse). Rose is extremely good at locating and identifying the exact pressure points and my body automatically responds. My baby actually turned during a session with Rose. Wanting to get pregnant with my second child quickly, Rose helped get my system back on track and my periods started again within one month of my treatment and I was pregnant two months later. I have continued to see Rose after my second child and she has helped with a number of issues including weight loss, a lack of energy and feeling tired all the time and back problems from carrying the kids. We have since moved to Muriwai and I will make the long trip to see Rose because I trust her completely. Rose is an amazing, supportive and compassionate lady and I am very grateful for all she has done for me. Quotes

Quotes I am delighted to recommend Rose Vos. In August 2007 Rose was recommended to me by a friend. I had been experiencing lower back pain and very heavy periods, was generally tired and was looking for some relief. I also secretly wanted another baby, but at 39 with one ovary I was unsure whether this would be a realistic goal. I found Rose to be practical and gentle. She creates a very relaxed environment and in my case resolved a long standing back issue which I can happily report has not resurfaced. Rose is wonderfully optimistic and supportive, so when my menstrual periods got lighter and regular she referred me to get herbal medication, and I continued acupuncture with her. To my absolute delight I became pregnant in November and William was born on the 8/8/08 naturally with no problems. I can unreservedly recommend Rose as the help I received before pregnancy, with morning sickness, particularly when my baby was sitting in a posterior position was greatly appreciated. Quotes
Lucille Quinn

Quotes Without Rose's help I would have needed knee surgery. She has also helped with my back problems. It is a pleasure to receive the needles from Rose, as she is caring, compassionate and very friendly. You feel relaxed and at ease from the first meeting. Quotes

Quotes Rose is the only person I trust with a needle. I have had seven sessions with her and she has fixed problems that I never thought possible to fix. Thank you! Quotes

Quotes I have been a patient of Rose for many months now. I began having acupuncture treatment from her for neck and back pain. I have noticed a vast improvement and the acupuncture has proven to be extremely beneficial for my health and welllbeing. Rose makes everything so comfortable and inviting, you don't want to leave. Many thanks Rose. Quotes
Annette Hunter

Quotes I received acupuncture throughout my last pregnancy, carrying twins. I am convinced that my healthy pregnancy was almost entirely due to the treatment. My babies were born at 38 weeks, with no complications. I only wish I'd discovered acupuncture years ago!!! Rose is a very special and talented lady! Quotes
Berni Stanko

Quotes I personally have been receiving acupuncture from Rose for many years now. It has been particularly helpful post birth, creating balance within myself and regulating hormonal cycles. Also, I use Rose to assist me to recover from various sporting strains and sprains. I highly recommend Rose to all my clients especially to assist Pregnancy, promote labour and recover and restore balance after birth. Thanks Rose. Quotes
Cathy McCormick