Kohu Acupuncture

Chinese Medicine

 Treatment Fees


March 2016 (incl.  GST)
Initial Consultation             $120.00 / up to 1.5 hours        
Follow–up Treatment                        $80.00 / 60 minutes   
Home Visit /           $80.00 / hour plus travel time ( @ same hourly rate) Treatment at Fertility Clinic
ACC Treatment Co-Payment          $40.00 per 60 minute treatment
Hire of TENS Machine (labour analgesia - non drug)
 $50.00 (incl. set of electrode pads and 9 V battery)
Kohu Acupuncture fees include the cost of moxa and educational literature which may be a necessary part of your treatment plan. MOXA may be given to you to use at home – instructions will be given by your Acupuncturist.
If it is deemed to be beneficial to your treatment,  referral to other Health Providers such as Qualified Chinese or Western Herbalists, Naturopath, Osteopath, Mindbody Therapist or General Practitioner may be recommended.  



Payment is required at the conclusion of each treatment and may be made in cash / cheque or via internet banking. 

We do NOT have EFT POS / VISA facilities available at this time. 



 NZASA Registered Practitioners are recognised by the following Insurance companies:


Southern Cross

Wellbeing Two policy with the additional Body Care Module

The benefit payable is $400 per claims year for acupuncture, with a limit of $500 per claims year in total across all natural therapies covered.


Osteopathy or Chiropractic
Homeopathy or Naturopathy consultations Remedial Massage therapy


If a Southern Cross member is uncertain about their entitlement they should contact the Southern Cross call centre on 0800 800 181 Monday to Friday, 8am - 6pm




 Education Benevolent Society (EBS)

EBS is a not for profit organisation dedicated to employees in the New Zealand Education Sector.

EBS is 100% owned by these Education Unions - only members of, or people employed by these organisations
can access EBS benefits.


The Education Unions are as follows:
NZEI (NZ Educational Institute)
PPTA (Post Primary Teachers Association)
TEU (The Tertiary Education Union) , was ASTE & AUS
TIASA (Tertiary Institutes Allied Staff Association)
ISEA (The Independent Schools Education Association Inc.)(Formerly ISTANZ)
PSA (NZ Public Service Association University and Education Services Groups)


Accuro Health Insurance  

 We’ve been taking outstanding care of our members for over 40 years by providing comprehensive health insurance cover and personal service at the lowest possible premiums. We started out in 1971 as a health insurer for health professionals, so we’re experts in our field. 

We’re not for profit, meaning everything we do is for those who own us – our members. We’re proud to be successful in providing our members with top-quality products at the lowest sustainable premiums.

We’re run by Kiwis for Kiwis, so we know what New Zealanders want.


SmartCare+ Plan with Natural Health+ Plan

Treatment from a range of health practitioners including Acupuncturists giving cover

up to $45.00 per visit to an annual total of $200.00 per policy per year.